High Protein Diet Prevents Muscle Loss During Dieting

Often, when people diet and lose weight, they wind up losing body stores of both fat and muscle.  Many health professionals have claimed that protein loss is unavoidable during weight loss. However, a new study published in the FASEB Journal (The Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology) found that if the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) of .8g/kg was doubled to 1.6g/kg, the percentage of weight loss from fat free mass (muscle) was decreased while fat loss was increased.

Body builders have been eating high protein diets while training for a long time in order to prevent muscle loss. Hopefully, conventional medicine and governmental standards will take notice of the current research and change some of their RDAs and DRIs (Dietary Reference Intakes).  Most people do not eat enough protein on a daily basis, and the low RDA further exacerbates this problem.

So remember that it is still important to eat a balanced diet, but it may be useful eat more protein while dieting to get the desired results. Protein should be high quality and lean, such as white meat chicken and turkey and fish

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