Initial Consultation – 60-75 minutes

This can be done in person or as an on-line consultation. We will discuss you goals, concerns, current dietary and exercise patterns, and review any testing you may have had. Clients will be given health questionnaires to fill out

Follow Ups – 30 minutes

Appointments will go over diet plans, exercise routines, and progress.

Monthly Membership Plan

After 3 months, clients can opt to pay a monthly fee, which includes unlimited phone call, emails, and 30 minutes of in-person or video consultation.

Eat right and lose weight in Westchester

Vitamins and Supplements

To order from Metagenics, go to and use practitioner code dgroothuisrd if prompted

We also sell many other supplement brands, including Designs for Health, Thorne, Klaire, Pure Encapsulations, QOL, Innate Response Formula, Ortho Molecular Research, and many others,  
which can be found through