Supplement of the Month: Berberine

What is Berberine and where is it found?

Berberine is a naturally occurring alkaloid chemical found in certain plants, such as goldenseal, goldthread, phellodendron, Oregon grape, and tree tumeric. It has frequently been used in Ayurvedic and Chinese herbal medicines for its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and sedative effects plus its beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system.

What are the benefits of Berberine?

Berberine has been shown to be effective in reducing blood sugar levels with people with diabetes and lowering cholesterol levels for those with hypercholesterolemia. Some people also use berberine to treat burns, obesity, diarrhea, congestive heart failure, and osteoporosis.

Are there interactions with food or medications and Berberine?

Consult a doctor if you are on diabetic or blood lowering medication and want to take berberine. No interactions with food known.

Are there side effects from Berberine?

It is not safe for newborns or pregnant women since it might cause brain damage to the baby or fetus.

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