Monthly Archives: November 2013

Can You Really Count Calories???

Nutrition Fact labels were designed to help consumers make quick, informed choices about products so that they could consume as healthy and balanced a diet as possible.  Consumers are obviously making the assumption that what is stated on the label is actually what is found in the product.  However, recent studies have shown that the […]

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Exercising with Weighted Vests

Gyms and fitness center are loaded with machines and equipment; there are balls, bars, free weights, balance discs, and all sorts of gadgets for the exerciser to choose from.  Sometimes it is hard to know the benefits of using one piece of equipment over another.  Weighted vests are tools that have become popular for a […]

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Supplement of the Month: Mulberry

What is mulberry and where is it found? Mulberry is a plant, which includes a wide variety of trees and shrubs and contains a fruit that resembles blackberries. The powdered leaves of white mulberry are used as an herb for medicine, while the fruit is eaten both raw and cooked.  The fruit of the mulberry […]

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