Monthly Archives: January 2014

Holiday Weight Gain is Stubborn

Many Americans are finding that the weight they gain during the holidays stubbornly does not come off at the start of the new year. According to a recent article in PLOS One Journal, this is because people wind up consuming MORE calories after Christmas!!! During the holiday season, people consume more calories than usual as […]

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New Health Care Law Will Put Calorie Information on Vending Machines

As part of Obama’s new health care law, companies that are servicing 20 or more vending machines will be required to display the caloric information of the products in the machines.  The new labeling regulation will be released some time this year, and companies will have a year to comply. The goal is to help […]

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Supplement of the Month: Ginseng

What is ginseng and where is it found? Ginseng is an herbal supplement that comes from a plant root.  There are two main types: Asian/Korean (Panax) ginseng and American ginseng, which have different benefits. Ginseng does not come naturally from foods. In additional to being an oral supplement, ginseng is also used to make soaps […]

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