Monthly Archives: April 2022

Why Grass Fed?

Food is expensive these days, and many people wonder if it is worth it to buy grass fed meat. What is grass fed meat and why is it healthier than grain-fed beef?  Grass fed beef comes from cows that graze on pastures and eat grass and hay. Grain fed cows are usually crowded in small […]

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Aloe Vera to Sooth

Aloe vera gel is a common skin soother for burns and wound healing, but it also can help heal gut issues  inside of our body.  Aloe vera juice is made from the leaves of the  aloe vera plant. It contains many amino acids and vitamins plus has  antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. Aloe vera has […]

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Medicinal Mushrooms

Mushroom powders, mushroom coffee,  and mushrooms in general are getting a great deal of attentions in the holistic arena. There are actually over 14,000-20,000 different species of mushrooms. Mushrooms are a fungi which are generally low in carbohydrates and calories. They are also rich in fiber, protein, selenium, and B vitamins.  Popular edible mushroom varieties […]

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