Agavins: The Newest Sugar Substitute

There are many sugar substitute on the market, such as Splenda, Equal, and Sweet N Low.  People use sugar substitutes instead of sugar to assist in weight loss and to help control blood sugar levels.  Currently, agavin, which is a new sugar substitiute from the agave plant, is now being studied.  Agavins should not be confused with agave nectar or syrup; agavins are not absorbed into the bloodstream and therefore do not raise blood sugar levels or add calories, while agave nectar and syrup do.  The research on agavins is promising; agavins are natural, soluble, and have a low glycemic index. Agavins also may aide in weight loss; they are a type of fiber that increases satiety, and they may increase insulin production and lower blood sugar. However, studies have only been conducted in mice and more research is needed to see if agavins are a viable sugar alternative.

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