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Can Coconut Oil Kill You?

Can coconut oil kill you? Robert G. Silverman, DC, DACBN, DCBCN, MS, CCN, CNS, CSCS, CIISN, CKTP, CES, HKC, SASTM The recent headlines about coconut oil say that because it’s higher in saturated fat than beef or lard, it’s bad for you. “You’ll drastically increase the chances of cardiovascular disease if you eat it because […]

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Confused About CBD Oil?

     There has been a lot of buzz about CBD oil and many people are confused about what it is, how it differs from marijuana (cannabis) and how to use it. Cannabis is a drug that is approved for recreational/medicinal use in some states in the US. Cannabis contains a substance called THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), […]

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Supplement of the Month: Coconut Water

What is coconut water and where is it found? Coconut water comes from the clear liquid in the center of immature, green coconuts. It is not the same thing as coconut milk, which is made from the meat of mature coconuts. Coconut water is low in calories, and it is naturally fat-free and cholesterol free. […]

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How to Treat Text Neck

As technology improves, it unfortunately brings with it a variety of physical issues. There are more complaints of back pain, neck pain, and wrist pain than ever before, and an overwhelming number of children and teens are among those affected with these ailments. Chief among these complaints is neck pain, which has been coined “text […]

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Dieting Has Other Benefits Besides Weight Loss

Most people diet to lose weight for both health and cosmetic reasons.   A study published in JAMA Internal Medicine found that those who diet, no matter what their starting weight, all have improvements in mood, stress, health, and sex drive. This happens even when those dieting are healthy to begin with. Previous research had […]

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