Beware of Taking Over the Counter Herbals

The supplement industry is booming.  Tons of different products are offered in supermarkets and health food stores, and it is difficult to know which products to purchase.  The supplement industry is  not regulated by the federal government, and often consumers do not know if what they are taking is acutally on the label.

A new study in BioMed Central’s open access journal shows that most herbal products may be contaminated.  The authors found that over two thirds of the products tested had substituted ingredients and didn’t contain everything listed on the label. Further, one third of the products contained plant species with know toxicity and side effects.

It is important to buy supplements from a reputable distributor.  It is impossible to assess the effectivenes off alternative therapies if you are not taking the product that you think you are taking.  There are many companies that have in-house testing and use pure, natural products.  Many of these supplements are only sold to licensed health practitioner; for example, Thorne, Metagenics, Xymogen, and Designs for Health.  It is worth the effort to purchase these alternative therapies from these types of companies to protect your health. For more information, see

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