Clear Packaging Linked to Eating Habits

A new study published in the American Marketing Association’s Journal of Marketing examined the consumer eating habits of foods in transparent packaging versus opaque packaging.  The researchers measured both food consumption and people’s attitudes towards food.

The results found that clear packaging influenced snacking behavior in different ways, depending on the size, healthfulness, and appeal of the food inside the bag.  For example, they found that people ate less from transparent packaging when the food was large and less appealing.  On the other hand, smaller foods had the opposite effect; more candies and smaller foods were eaten from clear packaging. Even more interesting was that people ate less healthful foods, like carrots, from clear packages.

As far as people’s attitudes, the study found that clear packaging had positive effect on consumers.  Being able to see inside the package increase temptation; however, it also make the amount of food you are going to consume more obvious.

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