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3 Month Weight Loss Plan

Even thought functional nutrition is individualized and looks for root causes, I understand that the journey to health may appear time consuming and  expensive. As a result, WYW has created a simple easy weight loss plan to help you on your journey. This package include one initial session and 11 follow-up sessions. It may only be purchased once

Individual Sessions

  • Free evaluation – 15 minutes

We will review your goals and determine how to proceed to improve your health

  • Initial Consultation – 60-75 minutes

Pt will fill out detailed history and forms before the visit. Goals, history, diet, exercise and labs will be analyzed and recommendations will be made.

  • Follow-Up Consultation – 30 minutes

Diet progress, eating patterns and exercise will be evaluated and changes made accordingly


5 Pack

This includes one initial session and and 4 follow-ups OR 5 follow-ups- must be used in 3 months

10 pack

This includes one initial  session plus 9 follow-ups  OR 10 follow-ups- must be used in 6 months

Monthly  Program

After an initial consultation and one follow up, clients can opt to pay a monthly fee, which includes unlimited phone calls, emails, and 30 minutes of in-person or video consultation.


Blood testing, GI testing, allergy testing can be ordered through Life Extension

Health and Life Coaching

Helps empower you make changes to your life through food, exercise and lifestyle