Individual Nutrition Session

Healthy Living

Individual Sessions

  • Free evaluation – 15 minutes

We will review your goals and determine how to proceed to improve your health

  • Initial Consultation – 45  minutes

Pt will fill out detailed history and forms before the visit. Goals, history, diet, exercise and labs will be analyzed and recommendations will be made.

  • Follow-Up Consultation – 20-30 minutes

Diet progress, eating patterns and exercise will be evaluated and changes made accordingly


5 Pack:  This includes one initial session and and 4 follow-ups OR 5 follow-ups

10 pack: This includes one initial  session plus 9 follow-ups  OR 10 follow-ups


Blood testing, GI testing, allergy testing can be ordered through Life Extension

Health and Life Coaching

Helps empower you make changes to your life through food, exercise and lifestyle