Love Your Liver

The liver is involved in over 500 functions in the body, and it is critical for digestion, metabolism, immunity and nutrient storage. It acts our detoxification system by filtering toxins, medication, pesticides and thing that may be harmful to the body. Our health is dependent on how well the body removes harmful substances and waste.

Additionally, the liver metabolizes the nutrients absorbed in the intestines to produce energy and regulates protein, fat and sugar composition in the blood. It also creates bile, which emulsifies fat and is needed for fat digestion. The liver makes  proteins and substances that regulate blood clotting, produces cholesterol, balances hormones,  and it stores certain vitamins and minerals.

Your liver may not be working properly if you experience bloating and gas, constipation, reflux, moodiness, anxiety, depression, poor appetite, high blood pressure, and chronic fatigue among other symptoms.

Fatty liver occurs when fat deposits form on the liver, usually due to some kind of inflammation, often from alcohol or eating a diet high in refined foods and sugar. Besides poor diet, environmental toxins, a sedentary lifestyle, certain medications, chronic infections and insulin resistance may cause liver disease.  SIBO is associated with fatty liver.

To improve liver function, avoid sugar and caffeine and processed foods. Focus on a diet high in cruciferous vegetable and anti-oxidants. Choose low-glycemic fruits sush as berries, limes ad lemons. At time, a ketogenic diet may be helpful.

There are many supplements that help with the detoxification process and are required in the detoxification pathways. They include B vitamins, glutathione, milk thistle, vitamin E, vitamin C, zinc, sulfur, selenium, magnesium and certain amino acids.  Alpha lipoid acid of NAC can be taken to increase glutathione, the body’s master anti-oxidan


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