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A new on-line website which compares the nutrition facts of fast foods is now available. The website – – is a free nutritional database of thousands of foods served by the nation’s largest chain restaurants. The website allows you to view nutrition information by menu item, food category, or restaurant, and it also tracks nutrition changes over time.

Dining out is one of the major issues related to being overweight and obese in the US.  One third of caloric intake come from foods eaten away from home, and one half of an individual household food budget is due to dining out.  This website gives Americans the ability to learn more about the nutritional content of food in many popular chain restaurants so they can make educated choices about what to consume.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the new site. When talking with my patients about proper nutrition, one thing I always encourage them to do when eating out is to do their homework in advance, when possible. If they know what restaurant they’re going to, look up their menu and browse the healthier options and make a decision in advance before arriving hungry. This website will go a long way in helping them make informed eating decisions.

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